K. K. Watson is an Independent Author who grew up, and currently resides in Central Florida. Her family consists of a loving husband, two spoiled dogs, and a sweet kitten, facing an identity crisis.

During the day, K. K. works a technical position in the Environmental Sciences field. She fell in love with the Paranormal/Urban fantasy genre, and as a creative outlet, she tried her hand at writing. The end result is The Dark Races Series. The two-book series is evolving, with a third in progress, and several more on the horizon.

K. K. loves the beach, specifically the west coast of Florida, and seems to find endless inspiration while she is there. So much so, that Tempting Fate is based in Venice Florida. The very real town seems to have a vast fictional, supernatural population. She sizes up everyone that she meets, and everyone is fair game, possibly morphing into a new character, with special powers and attributes, and if you ruffle her feathers, you may find yourself dead. Literary speaking, of course.

In her spare time, K. K. likes to read Chick-lit, edgy Paranormal Romances, and Urban Fantasy. Like her choice in reading, K. K. likes to write edgy stories that are sexy, dark, and suspenseful, with lots of twists and turns, strong heroines and overbearing alpha-males. Eliciting a wide range of emotions in an entertaining way is her goal.