Ophelia’s Grimoire #2

With Roman at my side, we traveled down to the marketplace in our small, Costa Rican village  My husband had taken a small break from his Dark Fae duties, and used the time to go fishing, and as always, he was eager to share his abundant catch with our neighbors.

The population in this part of the country was completely human and sparse.  It’s why we had chosen to live here.  It left us secluded and completely hidden away from the supernatural world that believed us to be dead.  However, with the events that unfolded with Elena’s emergence, our anonymity has dwindled.

Unfamiliar faces have started appearing in the village.  A Faerie here, a Demon there.  All hoping to get a glimpse of the new leader.  Since we were never out after dusk, we haven’t seen a Vampire.  Anyway, life here is just a little too primitive for the children of the night. 

The Werewolves have also stayed away.  Perhaps they are not yet ready to make an appearance, but from my visions, it is only a matter of time.  Just the calm before the storm. 

We had just made it home, when the vision struck.  More of a memory, really, someone else’s, not mine.  Centuries have passed since the death of Isabella Serpico.  During the inquisition, the Witch was burned at the stake.  Sentenced to death by her husband, and leaving behind a Halfling son.  Although I never knew her, I knew of her.  She was the last of a strong line of sorcerers.  Since her young son never showed any sign of having magical ability, he fell into obscurity, probably leading a mundane, human life. 

I don’t know what the vision means, but I fear it has some kind of significance in the dark time I fear is coming.  Because of the timing, I can only assume it is related to the emergence of the Moonchild. 

Hopefully, the murky vision would soon be clear.  With the rumored existence of the Dark Fae resistance, Roman and Elena will need all of the help they can get, if Elena has any hope of fulfilling her own fate of once and for all, uniting the Dark Races.