Ophelia’s Grimoire: The Summer Solstice.

solsticeOn the eve of the Summer Solstice, I once again find my thoughts and dreams going to a very dark place.  For this year, the Solstice coincides with June’s full moon, the Rose moon. 

Because I no longer belong to a coven, I spend most of my Solstices alone.  Often going out to the beach at dusk, and lighting a bonfire.  But this year will be different.  I have been invited by my new friend, Luna Thorn, to travel to the ancient site of Stonehenge, where we will join in the celebration with other powerful Witches in the region. 

Roman left this morning to meet with Vlad and Constantine.  He will be distracted, worried about my safety, but the meetings with the other leaders is important.  An alliance with the Vampires and Werewolves is necessary if we have any hope of peace in the Realm.

The Sorcerers Merlin and Aiden of Avalon will be accompanying Luna and I, so our safety isn’t an issue.  It’s my hope that Lilith will shed some light on my visions, clear the muddy water that has kept me in the dark. 

Last night’s vision had been the worst thus far.  A blood red moon shone in the night sky.  At first I believed it to be a sign of the upcoming Solstice, but a dusting of snow sugar-coated the street.  My only comfort is that it rarely snows in Florida, so hopefully my daughter, Elena, and their friends will be spared.  From what, I don’t know. 

At this point, it’s only a hunch, a gut feeling.  What has died should remain dead.  A balance must be kept.  Magic as cold and dark as my dreams are in play.  One thing remains clear.  The races must remain united in these troubled times. 

The Vampires and Sorcerers are both Lilith’s children, and I believe that once the Moonchild brings Samael back to Lilith, the children of the night will follow the Dragon’s lead.  And even though the Dark Fae will likely never be welcome back into Annwyn, progress has been made, and they are amicable toward the Light Fae.  My daughter, Amber and Gregory, her mate, are proof of that.

The young are the key.  Teach them that even though we are different, that our beliefs are not the same, we can still coexist in peace, and learn to love each other.