Ophelia’s Grimoire: The Scouts

I sat out on the Costa Rican shoreline, eagerly awaiting the return of Roman.  My skin prickled as the protective wards told me that the perimeter of our property had been breached.  I knew it was my husband, for the aversion spells would keep any unwanted intruder, Demon or otherwise, away.

At least I thought it was my mate.  To my surprise, it was my daughter Amber, coming for a short visit.

She asked me about my trip to Stonehenge for the Solstice, and she also inquired about her father’s absence.  I filled her in as much as I could.  I completely trusted my daughter, but there was only so much I could tell her.  She was mated to the great, Fae warrior, Gregory. and her best friend is Elena, the future queen of the Fae.  I could only assume that anything I tell her could potentially be relayed to Gregory or Elena.  I have an obligation to the Realm.

Still, I was delighted to see her and so we planned an excursion into town.

The village was bustling, as it is most of the time.  Other than us, not a single supernatural being was present.  Then, as soon as I let myself relax, I felt them.  I looked up to see a small squadron of three Demon scouts soaring overhead. 

To the human eye, they would appear harmless, almost like three pelicans searching for their next meal.  But to a Witch who fled Victor’s reign, they were quite alarming.  The reptile-like birds never left Arcadia without a mission.  To my knowledge, Roman never used them.

In fact, the last time they’d been employed had been to search for Elena.  Before that, Victor had used them to search for me.  Had it not been for my dear Roman…, well, we all know that story.

Hoping that they hadn’t sensed us, I surrounded myself and Amber with a cloaking spell.  Not knowing who their targets were, the spell allowed us to reach home undetected, where Roman was patiently waiting, finally home from his meetings.

I couldn’t help but feel that the presence of the scouts was a sign, somehow related to my unexplainable visions.  For the time being, I decided to keep the information to myself, at least until I could hopefully sort things out.