Ophelia’s Grimoire: The Garden of Tartarus

Apart from Amber’s visit, things have been quiet.  Flyovers from the Scouts, however, have increased in frequency.  Luckily, we have been able to anticipate the arrival of the squadron.  The natural wildlife in the adjacent Rainforest, becomes dormant.  Scarlet Macaws, which are normally abundant seem to disappear.  Even the piercing shrills of the raucous Howler Monkeys are suppressed just before their influx.

Roman believes they are being commanded by someone who was close to Victor.  A loyalist who started the resistance.  Save for Roman, no one remains from Victor’s regime.  And since Victor had no known heirs, Roman has hit a dead end.

Roman has requested that I accompany him to Arcadia.  The Demon Realm.  He is hoping I will sense something, maybe have a vision.

I am anxious about the trip.  Two centuries have passed since I last set foot on Demon soil.  I have not returned since the night I fled.  It was the night Victor ordered my execution.  Sentenced to death for my vision.  I foretold of the future Fae Queen.  A queen who would one day unite the Dark Races.

Victor tasted my blood that night, hence he saw what I saw.  He saw his own death, and he blamed me.  Unbeknownst to him, the man he sent to kill me would be my savior.  Without Roman, I am lost.  That is why I will accompany him.  It is my duty to my mate, my duty to the Realm.

I know that Roman will protect me, and in return I will do what I can to help him.  In two days time, we will leave for the Garden of Tartarus.

The treacherous jungle was Victor’s gift to Alexandra.  Along with the native Dark Fae Species that inhabit it, Victor added plants and animals from the human realm.  Over time, they have evolved together to form one of the most tumultuous environments in the Supernatural Realm.

With Roman’s expertise, we will survive.  With any luck, we will be able to glean some perspective, and gain an advantage in the upcoming war.