Ophelia’s Grimoire: The Garden of Tartarus

Apart from Amber’s visit, things have been quiet.  Flyovers from the Scouts, however, have increased in frequency.  Luckily, we have been able to anticipate the arrival of the squadron.  The natural wildlife in the adjacent Rainforest, becomes dormant.  Scarlet Macaws, which are normally abundant seem to disappear.  Even the piercing shrills of the raucous Howler Monkeys are suppressed just before their influx.

Roman believes they are being commanded by someone who was close to Victor.  A loyalist who started the resistance.  Save for Roman, no one remains from Victor’s regime.  And since Victor had no known heirs, Roman has hit a dead end.

Roman has requested that I accompany him to Arcadia.  The Demon Realm.  He is hoping I will sense something, maybe have a vision.

I am anxious about the trip.  Two centuries have passed since I last set foot on Demon soil.  I have not returned since the night I fled.  It was the night Victor ordered my execution.  Sentenced to death for my vision.  I foretold of the future Fae Queen.  A queen who would one day unite the Dark Races.

Victor tasted my blood that night, hence he saw what I saw.  He saw his own death, and he blamed me.  Unbeknownst to him, the man he sent to kill me would be my savior.  Without Roman, I am lost.  That is why I will accompany him.  It is my duty to my mate, my duty to the Realm.

I know that Roman will protect me, and in return I will do what I can to help him.  In two days time, we will leave for the Garden of Tartarus.

The treacherous jungle was Victor’s gift to Alexandra.  Along with the native Dark Fae Species that inhabit it, Victor added plants and animals from the human realm.  Over time, they have evolved together to form one of the most tumultuous environments in the Supernatural Realm.

With Roman’s expertise, we will survive.  With any luck, we will be able to glean some perspective, and gain an advantage in the upcoming war.

Ophelia’s Grimoire: The Scouts

I sat out on the Costa Rican shoreline, eagerly awaiting the return of Roman.  My skin prickled as the protective wards told me that the perimeter of our property had been breached.  I knew it was my husband, for the aversion spells would keep any unwanted intruder, Demon or otherwise, away.

At least I thought it was my mate.  To my surprise, it was my daughter Amber, coming for a short visit.

She asked me about my trip to Stonehenge for the Solstice, and she also inquired about her father’s absence.  I filled her in as much as I could.  I completely trusted my daughter, but there was only so much I could tell her.  She was mated to the great, Fae warrior, Gregory. and her best friend is Elena, the future queen of the Fae.  I could only assume that anything I tell her could potentially be relayed to Gregory or Elena.  I have an obligation to the Realm.

Still, I was delighted to see her and so we planned an excursion into town.

The village was bustling, as it is most of the time.  Other than us, not a single supernatural being was present.  Then, as soon as I let myself relax, I felt them.  I looked up to see a small squadron of three Demon scouts soaring overhead. 

To the human eye, they would appear harmless, almost like three pelicans searching for their next meal.  But to a Witch who fled Victor’s reign, they were quite alarming.  The reptile-like birds never left Arcadia without a mission.  To my knowledge, Roman never used them.

In fact, the last time they’d been employed had been to search for Elena.  Before that, Victor had used them to search for me.  Had it not been for my dear Roman…, well, we all know that story.

Hoping that they hadn’t sensed us, I surrounded myself and Amber with a cloaking spell.  Not knowing who their targets were, the spell allowed us to reach home undetected, where Roman was patiently waiting, finally home from his meetings.

I couldn’t help but feel that the presence of the scouts was a sign, somehow related to my unexplainable visions.  For the time being, I decided to keep the information to myself, at least until I could hopefully sort things out.

Ophelia’s Grimoire: The Summer Solstice.

solsticeOn the eve of the Summer Solstice, I once again find my thoughts and dreams going to a very dark place.  For this year, the Solstice coincides with June’s full moon, the Rose moon. 

Because I no longer belong to a coven, I spend most of my Solstices alone.  Often going out to the beach at dusk, and lighting a bonfire.  But this year will be different.  I have been invited by my new friend, Luna Thorn, to travel to the ancient site of Stonehenge, where we will join in the celebration with other powerful Witches in the region. 

Roman left this morning to meet with Vlad and Constantine.  He will be distracted, worried about my safety, but the meetings with the other leaders is important.  An alliance with the Vampires and Werewolves is necessary if we have any hope of peace in the Realm.

The Sorcerers Merlin and Aiden of Avalon will be accompanying Luna and I, so our safety isn’t an issue.  It’s my hope that Lilith will shed some light on my visions, clear the muddy water that has kept me in the dark. 

Last night’s vision had been the worst thus far.  A blood red moon shone in the night sky.  At first I believed it to be a sign of the upcoming Solstice, but a dusting of snow sugar-coated the street.  My only comfort is that it rarely snows in Florida, so hopefully my daughter, Elena, and their friends will be spared.  From what, I don’t know. 

At this point, it’s only a hunch, a gut feeling.  What has died should remain dead.  A balance must be kept.  Magic as cold and dark as my dreams are in play.  One thing remains clear.  The races must remain united in these troubled times. 

The Vampires and Sorcerers are both Lilith’s children, and I believe that once the Moonchild brings Samael back to Lilith, the children of the night will follow the Dragon’s lead.  And even though the Dark Fae will likely never be welcome back into Annwyn, progress has been made, and they are amicable toward the Light Fae.  My daughter, Amber and Gregory, her mate, are proof of that.

The young are the key.  Teach them that even though we are different, that our beliefs are not the same, we can still coexist in peace, and learn to love each other.

Ophelia’s Grimoire #2

With Roman at my side, we traveled down to the marketplace in our small, Costa Rican village  My husband had taken a small break from his Dark Fae duties, and used the time to go fishing, and as always, he was eager to share his abundant catch with our neighbors.

The population in this part of the country was completely human and sparse.  It’s why we had chosen to live here.  It left us secluded and completely hidden away from the supernatural world that believed us to be dead.  However, with the events that unfolded with Elena’s emergence, our anonymity has dwindled.

Unfamiliar faces have started appearing in the village.  A Faerie here, a Demon there.  All hoping to get a glimpse of the new leader.  Since we were never out after dusk, we haven’t seen a Vampire.  Anyway, life here is just a little too primitive for the children of the night. 

The Werewolves have also stayed away.  Perhaps they are not yet ready to make an appearance, but from my visions, it is only a matter of time.  Just the calm before the storm. 

We had just made it home, when the vision struck.  More of a memory, really, someone else’s, not mine.  Centuries have passed since the death of Isabella Serpico.  During the inquisition, the Witch was burned at the stake.  Sentenced to death by her husband, and leaving behind a Halfling son.  Although I never knew her, I knew of her.  She was the last of a strong line of sorcerers.  Since her young son never showed any sign of having magical ability, he fell into obscurity, probably leading a mundane, human life. 

I don’t know what the vision means, but I fear it has some kind of significance in the dark time I fear is coming.  Because of the timing, I can only assume it is related to the emergence of the Moonchild. 

Hopefully, the murky vision would soon be clear.  With the rumored existence of the Dark Fae resistance, Roman and Elena will need all of the help they can get, if Elena has any hope of fulfilling her own fate of once and for all, uniting the Dark Races.

Ophelia’s Blog

All has been quiet in the Realm since Elena’s return, yet I can’t help but shake the feeling that it’s all about to go south.  Since meeting the future queen of the Fae, my visions have returned at a furious pace.

Witches, Vampires, and Wolves have haunted my dreams.  The only bright spot I’ve seen is the emergence of the Moonchild.

If the prophecy is true, that she will finally unite Lilith and Samael, then a chain of events will  be triggered that puts the entire Realm at risk, threatening Elena’s fate to unite the Dark Races.

Even as formidable as my darling mate Roman is, I also fear for him.  His rule will be challenged, plunging the Dark Fae back into a chaotic state, the likes of which have not been seen since Victor.

I’ve expressed my fears to Merlin, and although they have not fallen of deaf ears, he seems to have other concerns at the moment.  And that is why I have started this journal.

It has been too long since I have practiced my craft and written in my grimoire. Ever since that first vision, when I found myself running for my life, my priorities have been on survival.  Keeping myself and my family alive.

Now it is clear to me.  For the sake of the Realm, as well as my friends and family, I must give myself back to Lilith, and decipher what I have seen.

A raven appeared in a clearing, her wings stretching out to a dragon, the moon of the goddess shining down on the bird while the star of the angel shone on the dragon. His wings bent toward the raven, protecting her. One by one, seven birds appeared, the seventh emerged from flames, a phoenix.

A dark cloud is falling upon us all, and although it is not clear now, we must have hope.  For hope is the one thing that brings us through these dark times.  Without hope, we are lost.